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Cookie definition

You can change your settings to control how cookies and other similar technologies are used on the website for marketing and advertising. When you visit specific online pages, little text files called cookies are saved on your computer. We use cookies at Shiny View Motors to remember your preferences when you visit again and to keep track of the features you have chosen on the website. Our Cookie Notice explains how cookies, web examples, and other similar technologies are used in connection with the websites and applications (the "Site"), services, products, and tools (hereinafter: "Services") of, as well as your options in this regard. Along with the information it includes about cookies and other similar technologies, our User Privacy Notice should also be read in conjunction with this Cookie Notice. Whatever method you use to access and use our Services, including access through mobile devices and apps, this Cookie Notice is relevant.

Details about the technologies we use

Cookies and other similar technologies are used by us and the third-party suppliers we deal with when you use our Services. We utilize cookies and similar technologies, which are either temporarily stored on your device or are only stored there while your browser is open.

In Cookie Notice, additional types of cookies and related technologies that will remain on your device for a longer time (such as persistent cookies) are described.

To prevent unauthorized access to our cookies and related technologies, we implement the necessary security measures.

  • The cookies and other similar technologies that we use to serve a variety of purposes.
  • For the delivery of our Services, they may (technically) be required.
  • They support us as we develop our Services technically (e.g. monitoring of error messages and loading times)
  • They support us in enhancing your user experience (e.g. by saving the font size and data entered into web forms)
  • They help us present you with more relevant advertisements.

Your Preference

You get to determine how much we can use cookies and other similar technologies to provide our services. Your decisions will depend on the goals for which we use these technologies.

You can change your settings to control how cookies and other similar technologies are used on the website for marketing and advertising.

You can choose from the following choices in particular when using technologies that are related to advertising or personalization:

Technologies that are operationally required, performance & functional related

If your browser or device supports it, you can use the settings on your browser or device to disable the use of any cookies we use in the delivery of our Services, including those that are functional, performance, or operationally necessary. You must adjust the settings individually for each browser you use.

Please be aware that by disabling cookies and related technologies (such as the "remain signed in function"), you might not be able to utilize all of our Services. Throughout your browser sessions, you might find yourself having to input your password more frequently.

Technologies connected to advertising or target marketing

Furthermore, you have the option to directly choose whether we or outside parties may use cookies and other similar technologies to offer you tailored advertisements. If you use our Services inside the European Economic Area (EEA), we will only do so with your consent, which you can remove at any time (where required by relevant legislation).

You may still see advertisements even if you decide not to allow us to use cookies (or other similar technologies) to handle your personal data for advertising purposes. It simply means that cookies, web applications, or other similar devices won't be used to tailor these adverts to you. You won't receive personalised advertising going forward, but your information might still be gathered as per our Visit Our Privacy Notice.

If your browser or device supports it, you can also disable the usage of any third-party cookies — such as those placed by online ad networks — inside our Services by using the options in your browser or the device settings.

Those opt-out cookies that have already been set will likewise be destroyed if all cookies on your device are removed, forcing a new opt-out declaration for any that have already been made.

Details on the kinds of cookies we collect, how long we store them, and how we utilize them

Essential cookies

Use of our site's core functions is made possible by these cookies. In order to remember your postcode and the items on your shortlist while you explore our site and/or go to various pages of the site throughout your browsing session, certain cookies are necessary for the operation of several fundamental functions of our site. As long as you are logged in to the Site, we can recognize you and make sure you have access to the necessary functions.